SCANDAL; “everyday rec…” blogpost by HARUNA☆

Today is Vocal recording! In order to sing comfortably, it’s a sneaker day. #DIESEL ♡♡♡


SCANDAL; “The Way 1 Day Is Spent” blogpost by RINA☆

Today, we spent a day at the same place again☺︎ 1 day with the orchestra, 1 day singing. 1 song per day pace. Today was a day with the orchestra♩It feels good to see it take shape slowly. On a side note, I presented two sets of new lyrics. I’m happy…I want to hear it quicklyー.

※ Extra: Rare sneakers with my personal clothes☺︎ Reebok CLASSIC. It’s adorable.

Translated by fyscandalband, post is also at SCANDALMEDIA HERE.


SCANDAL’s MAMI; Orange hair revived!✨

Photos w/ thanks to RISEL_KAZU.


Face to Face with Scotland’s Shaggy Highland Cows

For more photos and videos of Scotland’s shaggy cattle, follow @murn_eilidh_kate and browse the #highlandcow and #highlandcoo hashtags.

Long-horned and remarkably shaggy cattle graze throughout the rolling hills of the Scottish countryside, capturing the hearts of visiting and local Instagrammers alike. Officially called the Highland cow, the breed is also known by its name in the Scots language, kyloe, and by the affectionate name of Highland “coo” for its pronunciation in the Scottish accent.

The cows are more than just a shaggy coat with horns for 17-year-old Scotland Instagrammer Murn Cameron (@murn_eilidh_kate), who works with her family on the Dunach Estate farm near Oban. “The cattle are really inquisitive and curious about humans, and they want to interact with us,” she explains. “They all have different personalities a bit like humans. The calves are very cheeky—and adorable.”

Murn takes her phone with her into the fields, capturing the cattle in all their different colors. “I have a soft spot for the red ones myself,” she says. “People joke and say it is because of the similar hair color as I am ginger, and I must say they may have a point!”


SCANDAL; “Senkou Riot” blogpost by RINA☆

We announced it during「SCHOOL OF LOCK!」ー! A Summer rock fes limited to the 10s (teens)! We’ll be appearing on the final of「Senkou Riot 2014」! For us, we also got to pick up instruments and group together as the band that is SCANDAL for the first time when we were middle / high-school students. In midst of continuing on with that youthfulness.

Looking at the sight of one in uniform, shouldering a guitar case on the back, I think the future of the band World is bright. There’s the Copy-Band and Riot this year, so it looks to be quite exciting! Bands are the bestー! I’m never quittingー! I’ll say this to anyone but our dreams will definitely come true! With that, I’ll stand with a cheery heart and do a live with such feelings. See you tomorrow☆

A story about father-daughter relationship. This. made.mehtThis.cry. </3 TTnTT #MiracleInCellNo7 #Betterlatethannever #mustwatchmovie 

A story about father-daughter relationship. This. made.me.cry. </3 TTnTT  #Betterlatethannever #mustwatchmovie 

moved the drum set upstairs&#8230; sama-sama na lahat ng instruments :)  YEY!
#personal #LQcamproblems XD

moved the drum set upstairs… sama-sama na lahat ng instruments :)  YEY!

#personal #LQcamproblems XD


SCANDAL; “Rock Kyoudai” Livestream (16 Jul)

Last night, SCANDAL did a livestream on “Rock Kyoudai”, with Tanaka Misato as MC! As SCANDAL mainly reiterates what they’ve said about their “Yoake no Ryuuseigun" single and recent Arena lives, I will not be providing a translation summary for this video.

Exclusive footage from the girls’ latest ‘360°’ and ‘FESTIVAL’ lives, however, are being shown on this programme (from 5:00 onwards). There are snippets of the ‘big wave’ and SCANDAL’s lives of “Osaka LOVER”, “Awanai Tsumori no, Genki Dene”, “Koe" (Mami’s Solo) and “Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY" from the Osaka-Jo Hall.

From 8:40 onwards is SCANDAL’s ‘FESTIVAL’ live, which mainly shows footage from WOWOW’s broadcast. In the very end, Haruna also promotes their upcoming 10-days live house tour.

Video upload w/ thanks to solfaman @ YT. Another slightly longer version can be found HERE, by babaloued @ DM. For those with premium niconico membership, the full programme featuring SCANDAL amongst other bands can be viewed HERE.