Face to Face with Scotland’s Shaggy Highland Cows

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Long-horned and remarkably shaggy cattle graze throughout the rolling hills of the Scottish countryside, capturing the hearts of visiting and local Instagrammers alike. Officially called the Highland cow, the breed is also known by its name in the Scots language, kyloe, and by the affectionate name of Highland “coo” for its pronunciation in the Scottish accent.

The cows are more than just a shaggy coat with horns for 17-year-old Scotland Instagrammer Murn Cameron (@murn_eilidh_kate), who works with her family on the Dunach Estate farm near Oban. “The cattle are really inquisitive and curious about humans, and they want to interact with us,” she explains. “They all have different personalities a bit like humans. The calves are very cheeky—and adorable.”

Murn takes her phone with her into the fields, capturing the cattle in all their different colors. “I have a soft spot for the red ones myself,” she says. “People joke and say it is because of the similar hair color as I am ginger, and I must say they may have a point!”


SCANDAL; “Senkou Riot” blogpost by RINA☆

We announced it during「SCHOOL OF LOCK!」ー! A Summer rock fes limited to the 10s (teens)! We’ll be appearing on the final of「Senkou Riot 2014」! For us, we also got to pick up instruments and group together as the band that is SCANDAL for the first time when we were middle / high-school students. In midst of continuing on with that youthfulness.

Looking at the sight of one in uniform, shouldering a guitar case on the back, I think the future of the band World is bright. There’s the Copy-Band and Riot this year, so it looks to be quite exciting! Bands are the bestー! I’m never quittingー! I’ll say this to anyone but our dreams will definitely come true! With that, I’ll stand with a cheery heart and do a live with such feelings. See you tomorrow☆

A story about father-daughter relationship. This. made.mehtThis.cry. </3 TTnTT #MiracleInCellNo7 #Betterlatethannever #mustwatchmovie 

A story about father-daughter relationship. This. </3 TTnTT  #Betterlatethannever #mustwatchmovie 

moved the drum set upstairs&#8230; sama-sama na lahat ng instruments :)  YEY!
#personal #LQcamproblems XD

moved the drum set upstairs… sama-sama na lahat ng instruments :)  YEY!

#personal #LQcamproblems XD


SCANDAL; “Rock Kyoudai” Livestream (16 Jul)

Last night, SCANDAL did a livestream on “Rock Kyoudai”, with Tanaka Misato as MC! As SCANDAL mainly reiterates what they’ve said about their “Yoake no Ryuuseigun" single and recent Arena lives, I will not be providing a translation summary for this video.

Exclusive footage from the girls’ latest ‘360°’ and ‘FESTIVAL’ lives, however, are being shown on this programme (from 5:00 onwards). There are snippets of the ‘big wave’ and SCANDAL’s lives of “Osaka LOVER”, “Awanai Tsumori no, Genki Dene”, “Koe" (Mami’s Solo) and “Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY" from the Osaka-Jo Hall.

From 8:40 onwards is SCANDAL’s ‘FESTIVAL’ live, which mainly shows footage from WOWOW’s broadcast. In the very end, Haruna also promotes their upcoming 10-days live house tour.

Video upload w/ thanks to solfaman @ YT. Another slightly longer version can be found HERE, by babaloued @ DM. For those with premium niconico membership, the full programme featuring SCANDAL amongst other bands can be viewed HERE.



SCANDAL; “Yoake no Ryuuseigun” Live on Sukkiri! (17 Jul)

Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian @ DM!


SCANDAL; On “Sukkiri!” Live (Full Segment)

SCANDAL guested on NTV’s “Sukkiri!" earlier this morning! They kicked off with personal introductions and it seems Mami’s throat isn’t doing too good (but she assures everyone she’s fine for later’s live and Haruna said she’s gotten plenty of rest the day before). During Haruna’s intro, she confirms that her throat is right on the mark today, and Tomomi also says cheerily that her throat’s good too (laughs).

On “Sukkiri!”, SCANDAL’s Yokohama Arena live is introduced to everyone, labeled as the girl band that’s pulling the boom of girls bands along. In their 6th year since debuting, fans of SCANDAL also comment that it’s fantastic that how they’re able to get high with the band during lives and that the ‘gap’ between their looks and intense (performances) is amazing. Fans from America also got interviewed, further proving the girls’ popularity overseas as well. On this programme, SCANDAL’s history is revisited and the girls talk about having gone to a dance and vocal school and having the dream of performing at the OJH always.

SCANDAL is a band that’s ever reached #2 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and have had all 5 of their albums consecutively in the Top 5, a first in all history of girl bands. Just 5 years since debuting, they also immediately sell out all 10,000 tickets for their OJH performance. “We’ve thought about it since our days of doing street lives, and I’m glad that we got over things a step at a time," says Mami. The next step for SCANDAL were the Yokohama Arena 2-days live. Never-before-seen backstage footage of SCANDAL at the Arena were shown, and Rina says they want to be the band to stir up another wave since PRINCESS PRINCESS’ Arena live. Tomomi also comments about YnR, saying, "I think it’s a time to change if you’ve thought about wanting to. I wrote this with feelings about Summer as if it’s a festival that holds magic, and if there’s something you wish to challenge yourself with then please go ahead and do it this Summer.

Next, SCANDAL also perform “Yoake no Ryuuseigun" live in the studio. After that, when asked on what are the band’s plans next, Haruna says they’ll like to, of course, challenge even bigger stages. Each year, SCANDAL also go overseas quite a bit so they’ll like to continue doing that too. The hosts comment that SCANDAL really look like they get along well and girls laugh, feeling elated. Lastly, Haruna does promos for "Yoake no Ryuuseigun" and invites everyone to come to their lives. When they were about to leave, a mysterious voice comes from above. (It is actually Yamasato Ryouta-san, who has previously worked with SCANDAL on “Premium MelodiX!”)

Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian @ DM, translations by fyscandalband. For the perf only vid, HERE it is!


SCANDAL; “Ototabi” Broadcast Contents

This round, the ones going on a journey in search of sound is…SCANDAL. The place of departure SCANDAL has selected for ‘Ototabi’ is Kyobashi station, a place that is 15-minutes max by train from Shin-Osaka. The reason for selecting this place is…

Kyobashi, Osaka is where there was a school where these 4 had the chance of forming a band. At that time, they would come from each of their hometowns to gather together in Kyobashi during the weekends, stimulated by practices.

During the time the band was formed, the mere radius of 500m from Kyobashi station were these girls’「World」…This scenery…the sounds they got used to, sparking memories of that period of hardship…their feet bringing them naturally to the band’s place of formation.

Up to now, (Caless) was a prestigious music school in which many artists have been sent out into the society. When their time approached, SCANDAL has lessons together with the seniors in their school. At that point of time, the girls didn’t have their instruments and were only encouraged by dance as their only weapon.

With dance hammered into them, the girls’ direction from the school had hurriedly became that of a formation of a band. The 4 people who practically aren’t acquainted with each other were grouped to be a band…without knowing anything as it is, there was nothing they could do about dancing as their life took a complete turn and they went forth with the band activities that they could not get used to.

They started their life as a band, that is mixed with joy and insecurity. A nostalgic sound appears as they thought of then…

8m from the school’s backdoor. There was a mansion where they girls would lodge together every weekend. The noise that came flowing from there were their lives at the point.

Right next to the school the girls went to was a cafe-restaurant that was famous for its cakes. Returning after practice, they stopped and stood here as if it were like those days…

There was a sweet scent of cakes from the kitchen. They took a smell as they dreamed of the days where they’ll eat, using the money they’ve earned themselves. After that, with sound coming from above, the memories came…

While they listened to the sound of the train rushing by, they watched the cake in the kitchen that time. Only during the birthday of a member, they would share the cheapest Profiterole amongst the 4 of them. It’s been 6 years since then. The taste of that…

Next, we’re headed for…

A bakery that holds memories, 500m from Kyobashi station. They’d visit here often after practice. Going into the shop after 6 years…

That time, RINA and MAMI would come and go into the store. They’d always receive bread crust from the shop’s old lady. They could never forget, up till now, that gentle voice that said,「Take this and go.

It’s been 6 years since then. That person has…

The never-changing, gentle voice of that shop assistant has them welling up with feelings.

With that, there’s a taste of thankfulness that they can’t possibly forget. Looking at the shop assistant whose image has gotten bigger, the girls wished they could give back a little. Next, we go towards…

In midst of being in a harsh, low social class, these girls continued with their band practice without quitting. The result of that was the increase of audiences in their street lives. However, could they really go pro? They wondered to themselves. There was a place…

That was the Higashinoda Park in front of the school.

As they swung on the swings, they’d exchange「thoughts of going pro」in this park.

They won’t forget the impulses in their early days…Chatting together in this park, these 4 swore on fulfilling their of going major.

That SCANDAL, the sound the wish to hear the most now…

Entry from Ototabi’s website HERE, as translated in full by fyscandalband. Brb, many feels TT

"Kyuu ni Kite Gomen. in Kita" Document Movie ~Songwriting Edition~
part 01 02 03 04 05 06 
cr: wiselyshiu @ scandalsushi

"Kyuu ni Kite Gomen. in Kita" Document Movie ~Songwriting Edition

part 01 02 03 04 05 06 

cr: wiselyshiu @ scandalsushi